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What is Sonic Meditations?

The short version: Sonic meditation can take you on a magic ride beyond your thoughts, into your deepest feelings and into the best this moment could possibly offer you.

I know that sounds super far fetched, so here comes the longer version: To understand the power of sonic meditations, you’ve got to first think about sound itself. Let’s take a moment and pause to appreciate just how powerful sound is.

How powerful?

All day, everyday you are listening to, vibrating with, and creating sound. You are swimming in sound. It is no exaggeration to say that your life is literally being shaped by sound in ways you can understand and ways you couldn’t possibly understand. Sound effects your body as well as your mind and your emotional well-being in every area of your life.

Everybody already knows this. That is why we are so particular about what we listen to. We have our favorite music. We rock out at musical events, we dance, sing in the shower, whistle while shopping.

But sound is way more powerful than a mood enhancer. There is a reason chanting, drumming, droning, playing sacred music has been part of spiritual, religious, community gatherings forever. It is because sound is the fabric of our lives and when we attend to intentionally, the fabric is beautiful and holds together like a fine cloth. When we meditate on sound, it is even better. The whole fabric of our lives changes –for the better.

The gong baths and sessions we do here are all about sonic meditations. They are a chance for you to come and experience something profound and sublime, beautiful and awakening. You don’t need to be a spiritual athlete. You come as you are and you go away lighter, more sensitive, more energized – happy!