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Sonic Meditations


Full Moon Gong Bath

Performed by Alan Steinborn

A unique sonic adventure/meditation in sync with the lunar cycle.

For a calendar of Full Moon Gong Baths Click Here.

Seating is very limited. Save your seat. Email

Gong Bath Intensive

1. Access your intelligence

2. Awaken your senses more fully than you ever thought possible

3. Give yourself a rest from relentless mind chatter

4. Experience deep and real connections with others

Deep Listening Attunement

Intensify your spiritual adventure through the transformative effects of meditating with gongs and learning some powerful mindfulness practices that will help you:

Course attendance is strictly limited to 12, and will be given on a first come, first serve basis. The next Gong Bath/Deep Listening Intensive will be November 11th from 11am – 3pm Portland.

Contact me at to see if there is availability or to save your place.